What others say about Simon McNidder

I knew who had bought what products from us, and separately we had an emailing list to keep customers and anyone else interested in our products and service updated on a regular basis.  We wanted to personalise the emails we sent out – based on what our customers were interested in, or had bought.  

Simon solved this for us by combining the information together. So, now we can send Hockey related emails and offers to our customers and contacts interested in Hockey, and Cricket related emails to Cricket players etc.  Simon was great to work with, sorting us out and guiding us through what we needed to do, and how best to work going forward.

Paul Wright, Sportology Ltd

Simon helps organisations implement and bring together CRM database systems. I had many contact lists in various places – my phone, social media connections, and not one but two CRM systems.  

I was worried about GDPR affecting my CRM activities and also wanted to start email marketing.  These were massive headaches for my business. Twenty hours of diligent effort and expert knowledge saved me weeks of work and a mountain of pound notes.  

If you want to be free of a headache, avail of Simon’s Database First Aid kit. I would strongly recommend Simon McNidder of Database First Aid to anyone with a database headache!

Shahzadi Yousaf, Pure Protection Ltd

Simon was like a breath of fresh air and sorted out our database and set us up for email marketing very quickly. I would recommend his services to anyone.

Pip Britton, Taylors Solicitors

I wanted to say thank you for your fantastic customer services that you provided to Integrity Accountancy Services Limited recently.

At Integrity Accountancy, we have steadily built up a busy list of contacts accumulated over a number of years, and this data was used to market the business and services provided. As the database had been managed by a number of different staff members, the consistency of the data collected had deteriorated over time and we were worried about duplicates in the database. Hence, our database had become unwell and it was time to bring in the services of the database doctor, Mr Simon McNidder of Database First Aid.

Simon quickly advised how we could securely send over the database to his practice for diagnosis. Simon had been advised of the symptoms and ran a number of tests, to establish how unwell the database was and whether it was in need of remedial action. Simon reviewed the test results, and corrected the errors in the data and removed any duplicates found.

He then very efficiently produced a comprehensive report detailing the issued found, the corrections made, and suggestions to make the most of what we had to get the database back on it’s feet and fighting fit again. The database doctor, had again provided the tonic to the database to get everything working well for us going forward.

Shohaib Shafiq, Integrity Accountancy Services Limited

I recently requested an urgent job from Simon at Database First Aid to help me with a client’s database. Simon was more than happy to help me out and had the data file all sorted within a few hours, even though there were over 100,000 contacts to sort out. 

It saved me a huge amount of time and administration and I recommend anyone who has issues with their mailing lists and marketing data to contact Simon. 

Simon is genuinely one of the good guys and is an all round good egg… He makes a hard task far easier for his clients and I would not hesitate to recommend him to any of my customers.

Simon Washbrook, Popcorn Email Marketing

I'm really glad I consulted Simon before taking the plunge choosing a new CRM system for Nisus. He knows the market and the options out there but more importantly he gave me tips on the decision-making process that helped us avoid potential pitfalls and instead effectively short-cut selecting the platform that would be right for us. Simon is very friendly and generous with his time; I really appreciated access to his support and expertise.

Graham Archbold at, Nisus Consulting

I would like to thank you very much for being so efficient and turning my job around so quickly. I’m not easily impressed, but I am this time! It was a pleasure working with you.

Nicky Parker, Bang Consulting Limited

Simon very kindly responded to a request I placed via social media regarding a CRM recommendation.  

He called us and after asking specific questions regarding our business requirements, offered excellent independent and useful advise that was based on his many years of experience and knowledge within his field of expertise. He even gave me a 2nd alternative option too!

From that conversation, I have mentioned and recommended Simon to several business contacts since...

Andrea Vinten, Managing Director, Indigo Sky Print Solutions

I wanted to thank Simon for the professionalism, speed and quality of work done by him in recent advice to me about CRM systems.  It is clear that his expertise is vast and I know that I can rely on it to add value in my Business.

Michael Doolin, Clover HR

I had challenges linking emails to one of my CRM systems. Simon kindly provided his expertise to run through some exercises with me. I am not an expert and was aware that I was sat next to someone who greatly knew his trade. Thank you for your patience and useful suggestions!

Shahzadi Yousaf, Pure Protection

I have been aware for some time that my business has reached a stage where it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of numerous contacts made at networking events, those that I would like to contact again and generally making communications more effective. I was aware of CRM systems but did not really know how they worked, the benefits or indeed where to start. Simon has taken the time to talk through with me what I am trying to achieve, where I am with the business and so has been able to guide me as to the type of system that would suit my circumstances. He has explained how it all works and what I need to do at each stage to implement it. Simon has a very friendly and approachable manner and has spent a considerable amount of time to ensure all my questions/concerns have been addressed. I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone thinking of having a CRM system.

Kathy Scott, Hands on at Work

Simon's advice, and professionalism, in chosing a CRM for my business was first class. With his help, we have managed to implement a system that is user friendly, scalable, and ticks all the boxes for our needs. Also, his customer care is beyond reproach, and he is a pleasure to work with. Thank you

Carl Haughton, Cedar Legacies

"Surprisingly insightful. Keep them coming"

"Your hints are bang on the money"

"I do read and enjoy your suggestions. About the only feed I do” 

"Easy to digest and put into practice - simple, intuitive and short"


"A refreshing insight into best practice"

"I would highly recommend anyone responsible for or working on a database to subscribe"

Newsletter subscribers say this...

“He sees beyond the technology to the human side”

“He possesses the patience and persuasive charm to encourage organisations to buy into change and take-up of new systems”

“He has a knack for keeping it simple for users but delivering real business insight and lucrative actions from the database”

“Simon is enthusiastic, resilient and makes things happen. His knowledge of CRM systems is second to none. A true expert”

“It is rare to find a self-confessed database geek with such a good sense of humour and such a good grasp on how IT can be used to really support the business”

“I've not used a system this easy for a long time, or with such good quality data”

“What Simon doesn't know about CRM in professional services and database systems management isn't worth knowing! Simon is constantly pushing the boundaries of CRM in professional services and does so with considerable patience and good humour”

“Having undertaken projects with many professional services firms, I can say hand-on-heart that Simon's input into [company name]’s CRM strategy makes for one of the most effective I have come across”

Past colleagues say this...

"The [database] team helped us to boost bookings on our (pay per head) training courses significantly this year with targeted mailings…. and has resulted in direct revenue growth"

"..[the database] seems to me to have one distinguishing feature from all other marketing databases I have encountered. It works in practice for users"

"[the database] is a fabulous system and I am sure pretty unrivalled"

"At the risk of sounding like teacher's pet, I am prepared to come out as a late convert. I recently went to a lunch and did my homework beforehand... I later realised that much of the information was all available on [the database]. It does work if you use it - and it is easy to use, even for the over forties... I confirm that, regrettably, I am not being paid to say this"

"I use it before visiting a client / preparing for new pitches in case it throws up useful information about who else might know the contact in the firm"

"[the database] opens up significant cross-selling opportunities for lawyers from different departments to work together in obtaining further work from existing clients"

“...useful to read past meeting notes with the clients before you meet them”

"We used the information in it to shape agenda for panel kick-start meetings"

Past CRM database users say this...

Migrated marketing departments from letters to eMail

Merged 100’s of lists and duplicated contacts into one

Developed and implemented processes and protocols

Developed training materials: UserGuides, eLearning VideoClips, seminars & workshops 

Increased email response rates up to 300% ('responses' - not just clicks rates!)

Helped Event teams; target, increase delegate booking numbers and manage responses easily

Setup ‘inbox’ alerts to give fee earners an ‘easy way to review activity with their contacts’

Turned basic name and address data into ‘knowledge’ with verified details and interests

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