How I got to where I am now


My CRM life all started in 1998. 

I was running the events and mailings for the Accountants Price Waterhouse (Midlands) when they merged with Coopers & Lybrand to become PricewaterhouseCoopers. 

I said to the new Midlands Marketing boss “all our events, mailings, and database are duplicated”, to which he replied “you’ve got that job”. 

I didn’t even know a database career existed until then, but I soon knew this was for me. 

After sorting them out, I joined the law firm Pinsent Curtis (now Pinsent Masons), in 2000 just after their merger, to set them up with a marketing database.

I reduced their 50 mailing lists into one and turned the ‘name and address information’ into powerful, segment-able information (adding email address, job titles & profiling information such as; responsibility areas, seniority level, and interests of the contacts). Having this new data gave us immediate benefits (the first mailing had an immediate work instruction and another event invite had about 350% uptake in response rates). Pinsents then merged three times in the next four years, so I went through the process of incorporating the data and users each time.  Eight years later I helped Pinsent Masons merge with McGrigors (Scotland’s largest Law firm) to become a 2,500 person firm. 

After sorting out their data, processes and new CRM system, I left to setup Database First Aid Ltd in early 2016.

As for my personal life....

I spend most of my time with my kids and wife. Having a family changed me completely. My Dad was right after all - when he told me on his deathbed the best thing he ever did was have a family. 

I've spent five years volunteering on my kid's PTA committee. It gives my youngest a great big smile when he sees Daddy manning the sweet stall, organising the school Disco or, simply waving the leaflet at me when he gets picked up - informing the kids and parents about the Summer or Christmas fair - asking me 'is this the one you did Daddy?'. And if you ever go to one of your school events, don't forget the parents are running these thing for the good of your kids, for free, and that everything you give, does indeed go back into the school coffers!  So do give plenty if you can afford it at your next school event - your money pays for things like iPads, climbing frames, the 'coach' on the coach trips, event the 'Mrs xyz thinks I'm a star' stickers when the kids have done well.

I also help out at my local Scouts Cubs and Beavers. Nothing like a great weekend away at family camps, hikes, family parties at the Scout hut, and sleepovers and trying to cook for 30 screaming kids in a field.  And imagine being six to ten again, and spending the night in the glass tunnel at Birmingham's Sea Life centre. Getting no sleep of course - far too many sweets consumed and fish and sharks swimming overhead! The mornings are miserable, but what memories!

Plus, as anyone with small children will know, being treated like a trampoline, building lego and making dens all over the place. Love it!