Going through a Merger?  Or just want to combine different team's contact lists?

How to make combining mailing lists easier than you ever thought

If you have just merged - congratulations! 

If you are also getting the other organisation's client and prospect lists, combining the data can immediately show you cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.
Unless it gives you a whopper of a headache with...
Different styles and formats of data
List all over the place
Duplicate contacts
Different details for the same contacts

Time to choose...

Option A) Do it yourself and worry about your to-do list?

Option B) Get someone in to sort the whole out for you?


How will you manage 'unsubscribe requests'
if you have multiple lists?

Imagine you've just sent a marketing
communication to a list of contacts....

Now imagine a few contacts 
unsubscribing from a mailing list

Easy to manage - until you 
realise you've got ten lists  

Is that contact in other lists too? 

And another team will be
sending to that other list tomorrow...... 


...possible GPDR compliance fail...