Making it easier to manage your client relationships and promotion of your Law Firm's services

Helping you get your objectives with CRM & email marketing activities

Are you having conversations about:

“Developing your client relationships”

“Growing your client base”

“Promoting your services to existing clients” or

“Keeping your clients from being poached”


eMail Marketing


Making it easier for your firm to keep in touch with your clients & prospects 


email marketing image

Is email marketing at the top of your agenda, but you keep saying…

"We want to start email marketing but..."

"... We have far too many lists, in far too many formats, and in far too many places" 

"... We don't know what to say in our emails" 

"... How often should we send email, and who to? Clients, prospects, work introducers?

"... We don't have the time to create or send them - even if we wanted to" 

"... Do we need CRM or email software?"

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Client Relationship Management


Making it easier for your firm to have a 'one-firm' overview of your contacts


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Do you hear yourself saying

"Is CRM worth the time and effort?"

"What's the best CRM system for us?"

"How do we make the most of our investment in CRM?"

"Blast! We've bought a CRM, but it's not had the results we expected"

"We've can't move to CRM, we've data all over the place"