Do you need help with Mailchimp?

Have you chosen to use Mailchimp as you email tool, only to find yourself a bit stuck and need help?

Do you hear yourself saying....

"How do I import all my lists into MailChimp?"

"How do I put my logo into an email?"

"How do I start sending emails in Mailchimp?"

"How do I set up a preference form in Mailchimp?"

"How do I setup automation and trigger emails in Mailchimp?"

"How do I spot contacts interested in what I'm sending out in Mailchimp?"


These are not headaches you need to have.

When an in-house CRM Database Manager controlling the firm's emails, I spent a good amount of time working out how to get the response rates to updates and event invites, up. 

At our peak, we got click rates up threefold. In one example of event invites, we halved the mailing list and got three times the number of delegates book on. I can't even start to work out the sums on that one!

This was all to do with looking at the data and giving the right message to the right audience... 

So, if you are using something like Mailchimp or Popcorn as your email marketing software, don't just send any old thing out.


All you need to do is sit back and relax, knowing I will manage all your Mailchimp work for you