Learn how to get GDPR consent: Seminar 22 March 2018

The secrets to using the GDPR to improve your market gin performance


No doubt you have heard plenty about the new GDRP law affecting how you can or can’t send your marketing communications to your contacts.


If you are looking to get provable consent (or ‘opt-in’) under the new GDPR law, but wondering ‘how to do it easily’, a business contact of mine is running a practical step-by-step seminar that will take you through what to do, and how to get the best results from your efforts (rather than the theory of the law).





If you are looking for an easy to follow action plan, this seminar might save you a lot of time in the future. It's called:

Learn how to get GDPR consent: An easy to follow step-by-step session


You’ll leave this GDPR practical seminar with:

- Know the easiest route to getting ‘provable GDPR consent' by your contacts (with or without emails)

- Know what to do when you meet new contacts

- What to do when contacts ask to be unsubscribed (and to ensure nobody re-emails them by accident)

- What to do when contacts request to be deleted ('the right to be forgotten’), don't just delete them!

- Find out how to use the information to improve your marketing performance

- The processes to put in place so your staff know what to do



To book and find out more, it's on Eventbrite


Event details:


1.30pm - 4.30pm



Thursday 22nd March



Birmingham Dogs Home, Nr Birmingham International Train Station



Interested, but can't make the date?   You might find my GDPR guide useful, get it here