Learn how to obtain GDPR consent easily and quickly

GDPR consent for your email marketing and CRM database


If you've not already done your GDPR consent project, 
there is no point ignoring it.  It isn't going away.

And it's easier and quicker than you thought.

I'll help you get consent 
or help you towards legitimate interest

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Don't fear the GDPR. Use it as an excuse to improve your marketing performance

An example of how following my CRM database improvement steps and action plan can help you... using this approach a law firm ended up halving the mailing list size of a regular mailing whilst also tripling the event delegate bookings for tat mailing.  Now that's a huge improvement.  And one that had the GDPR principles at heart - get opt-in to what you want to send, send that stuff only and be amazed by the fabulous response rates. And I did this in about 2005! 

Please be aware this isn’t legal advice I’m providing, just a proven technic to getting your database sorted and at the same time improve it so you can sell more. The GDPR is a minefield. I am not a lawyer and I do not offer legal advice.