Learn how to easily start successful email marketing

Over 200 easy-to-follow tips that will get you great results


Learn how your firm can
easily start email marketing 
(or improve on your current results)

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What email marketing allows you to do

  • Develop your client relationships
  • Grow your existing client base
  • Promote all your services to your existing clients
  • Keep your clients and stop them being poached by competitors

Who will find this guide useful?

You, if you find yourself saying things like…

  • “We need to get started with email marketing, but where do we start”
  • “All our competitors are email marketing, we don’t want to get left behind”
  • “How on earth do you get email marketing right?”
  • “It’s all very well and good wanting to do email marketing, but it’s a massive jump to start”

This eBook is full of tips and secrets for whatever stage of email marketing you find yourself at. The author spent 18 years in UK Accountancy and law firms, so all the tips are practical, based on actual ‘doing’ hindsight, and will get you great results.  


What sort of results can you expect?

It’s going to get you a better end result to your email marketing. It will get you there quicker. With less mistakes. And more easily.

It’s a compilation of tips, based on real life experience from someone who managed a database of 100,000's contacts and sent 1,000's of emails.  In some cases, response rates rose over 300% by using the tips that are in this eBook.


What email marketing will do for your firm

You’ll no doubt have your own ideas of why you want to start email marketing, but as a quick overview, here’s a few reasons why you shouldn't wait any longer to start email marketing - whether it is to current clients and customers, or to prospective ones:

  • It’s easy to communicate with any number of people
  • You can keep in touch with contacts anywhere in the world, at any time
  • It’s easy to target contacts based on their activity
  • It’s easy to measure, and you can see immediate results
  • You find out what your contacts are interested in 
  • It’s easy for your contacts to share the information you’ve just sent to them – viral!
  • Makes cross-selling much easier.  Got a list of contacts who buy ‘X’. Got a list of contacts who have bought ‘Z’. Combine the two and you have contacts that know you who you can tell about the other service.  A quick win for you


Here's a quick summary of what's included in the email marketing eBook

Part one – An overview of email marketing

  • Benefits of email marketing
  • What email marketing is good for (and what it isn’t)
  • Typical steps to setting up your email marketing
  • The GDPR and your email marketing activities
  • 23 popular email marketing terms explained
  • 10 mistakes that are all too easy to make
  • 5 things that will stop you in your tracks
  • Typical costs to email marketing
  • Good email database management practice

Part two – The email marketing stages 

  • How to find all your sources of data and contact lists
  • How to combine all your lists into one
  • How to find the right email marketing software for you
  • How to set up email templates to make your life easier 
  • How to find things to say in your emails 
  • How to work out how often you should send marketing emails
  • How to get better email delivery rates
  • How to get better open rates to your emails
  • How to get better click rates to your emails
  • How to get better results to your email marketing


What other's say

"Your hints are bang on the money"

"Easy to digest and put into practice"

"Sees beyond the technology to the human side"

"Useful suggestions!"

"I’m not easily impressed, but I am this time"

"Saved me a huge amount of time and administration"