How Accountants can easily start email marketing

Helping Accountants improve client relationships and communicate with clients, prospects & work referrers and introducers

Are you having conversations about:

  • “Developing your client relationships”
  • “Growing your client base”
  • “Promoting your services to existing clients” or
  • “Keeping your clients from being poached”


Is email marketing at the top of your agenda to do this, but you keep saying…

  • “But our lists are all over the place”
  • “But we don’t have the time”
  • “But we don’t know what we’d say”, or
  • “We’re great at Accountancy, but email marketing is not in our comfort zone”


Would you love to be able to say in your next board meeting....

"Our email marketing has really improved our client relationships"

"Clients have started buying asking about our other services"  

This could be you - and it's what email marketing can make happen.  Easily, without much cost and quickly.



Learn how Accountants can
easily start email marketing
that gets great results


Over 200 easy-to-follow and
quick to read tips
Based on 18 years of managing 
CRM databases and email marketing 
campaigns in professional services



This guide is perfect if you want to understand what you're letting yourself in for if you go down the route of managing your own email marketing activities.

Of course, if you'd like it all managed for you, from start to finish, with complete 'hand holding', please get in touch here and I'd be delighted to talk through your issues and goals. 

eMail marketing could annoy your clients  -  OR  -  Please them no end
CRM & email marketing can be very confusing  -  OR  -  It can be made very easy
Your email marketing project could take ages to finish  -  OR  -  It can be quick

Are you worried about the competitive environment your practice is in?

Have you found yourself saying things like: 

“We need to get started with email marketing, but how”
“All our competitors are email marketing, should we?"
“Is CRM or email marketing right for us?”
“But our data is all over the place, is email marketing even possible for our practice?”

What email marketing allows you to do - easily, quickly and without employing new staff

  • Develop your client relationships - by keeping in touch with clients
  • Grow your existing client base - by reminding prospects you exist and finding new leads to contact
  • Promote all your services to your existing clients - - by reminding clients of your other services
  • Keep your clients and stop them being poached by competitors

You’ll be pleased to hear that all these email marketing headaches are easily solvable and will make you wish you'd done it all much earlier.



How email marketing can improve your Accountancy practice’s performance and relationships

Yes, you’ll have heard all about email marketing, have wondered if it’s right for your practice, what it’ll cost, how long it will take and how much time and effort it’s going to take you.  

But as well as the worry about the costs, what can it do for your practice too?  

Here’s a few reasons why email marketing should be something you look into, starting now, before you lose too much ground to your competing Accountancy and advisor practices:

  • You can easily communicate with any number of clients, prospect or work referrers
  • It doesn’t matter where in the world your contacts are based – it’s easy to contact any or all of them
  • You’ll be able to segment contacts based on activity in your emails – and follow-up based on that – either in your next conversation, or by sending another email
  • email marketing is easy to measure - you can see immediate results straight after you clicked ‘send’
  • You’ll quickly spot what contacts are interested in based on their email activity – then give it to them
  • It’s easy for your contacts to share the information you’ve just sent to them – go viral!
  • It’s suddenly easier to promote your other services to your current clients.  For instance, a simple example… you have a list of clients who buy ‘X’. And a list of clients who have bought ‘Z’. Combine the two and you have a list of clients that know you who you can tell about the other service. A quick win for you

Are you thinking what’s in this FREE email marketing guide?

It’s split into two sections – all about email marketing, and the stages and steps you’ll need to take to setup your own email marketing program.

So, a quick summary of what's included 


Part one – An overview of email marketing

Email marketing benefits

What email marketing is good for

What email marketing is not good for 

Overview of the steps you’ll need to go through

Work out if the GDPR will affect your email marketing

Glossary of popular email marketing terms

Common mistakes your practice could fall into

Things that will bring your email marketing to a halt

Rough costings of email marketing

How to keep the data in your database working for you

Part two – The email marketing stages 

Tips to finding all your data lists to incorporate

Tips on how to combine all your contacts lists into one

Tips to find the best email marketing software for you

Tips to make regular sending easier

Tips on what to find things to say about in your emails 

Tips to work out how often you should send emails

Tips to achieving higher email delivery rates

Tips to achieving higher open rates to your emails

Tips to achieving higher click rates to your emails

Tips to achieving better results to your email marketing




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