what questions did delegates have to the seminar on CRM database I gave?

A long time ago, I gave a seminar.  It's not as grand as it sounds though dear reader.  The west midlands branch of the PM Forum (www.pmforum.co.uk) hosted a seminar for it's regional members (and people who were thinking about becoming members). Anyway, it was about how to implement a CRM database. Successfully.  That bit is quite key.  They were kind enough to ask me to do the seminar.  Being precise, it was really more of an informal question and answers session than a seminar... , And do you know what?, About 95% of the questions and discussion time was spent on 'data', 'the human factor', and 'using the details in your database'.   Hardly any on the actual technology or CRM databases. And if you think about it, if the technology was the key factor in the success of your CRM system - we would probably all have the same database system!   Next week, I'll get around to writing up some notes on the topics raised and discussed, and give you a few of the gems that arose.