How little CRM database are used. Bad English I know

I'm often amazed at how little the average user users perfectly good and useful parts of a CRM database.  For instance, tracking work leads, in a funnel or a pipeline - whatever you want to call your process for tracking a potential customer or client through identification to getting the invoice paid....  It’s hardly used at all in many companies I talk to.  

Some people ('users') I talk to have never heard of a funnel, while some are old hands at it - and use post it notes on the back of their office door.  If a lead is really old and hasn't developed at all, it just falls off onto the floor... A good system if you ask me... (apart from sharing the information) ... hardly anyone uses the central CRM database for tracking leads - which you'd think it the whole point of them - you'd find out if anyone else was targeting the same organisation as your team., And I can get into how to develop a funnel and pipeline in another hint if you want - let me know.


Over the years, a long time ago in another life, I've had instances of users getting involved in the development of a feature.  They know best you know.  They know so well, that we had to scrap the development work on one area that they were involved with.  That of tracking work referred to us / by us.  The user had developed a four page data entry screen!  Must have been about 50 questions.  We has to scrap it and start again - with about 10 fields - and that still seemed to be five too many., Same with tracking work leads (which I must admit, was why I wrote this piece in the first place), but when you're simple, you get side tracked too easily.....  

A while ago, I set up a funnel tracker for a team - they wanted all sorts of stuff in it - I think it had about five variables to tracking each lead - all very wonderful - but complex, it even had to have a four page user guide linked to it.  Guess what - set up and not used once in it's first three motnhs ( I gave up tracking it's usage after that)....   Just finished setting up another funnel, a far simpler one - with one variable, and I've seen some activity with it within a day of creating it.  Just goes to show huh!  You don't have to pay a huge sum of money for an all dancing all singing CRM database... Get a cheap and simple one - as long as it's capable of supporting all your users that is, and keep it simple.  That way it'll get used.