CRM success factor - look after the data on your users and well as contacts

April 23, 2018 @ 12:19 PM

Look after your users.  What I really mean is make sure the profile on your users is as good quality as the data quality on your contacts - or as good as is should be.  If you hold good quality details on your contacts that is. You'll then be able to find out who is doing what.  So, team 'x' are doing xyz and team 'y' are doing something else.  And when.  You gain a good understanding then of who isn't onboard with your system, and who you could get to go round and have a chat with their laggard colleague. Because as sure as eggs is eggs, the laggard users probably won't listen very much to their database steward - unless you can get your senior team to ......

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If your database system suppliers offer customer days, go to them.

April 9, 2018 @ 12:20 PM · How to get great CRM

Database TopTip: If your database system suppliers offer customer days, go to them. If you are looking at suppliers - ask them to back up their system promises and let you go to one of the customer days before you make the purchase.  It'll be illuminating - about the product and supplier.  You'll also pick up a load of hints and tips to take away with you.

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How to implement a CRM or email marketing software in your firm

April 1, 2018 @ 12:38 PM · How to get great CRM

Research the needs of the user and find out what your current situation is, - Get a specialist in – they'll save you £1,000's in time, hassle and get better results, - Don't do a 'stop gap' system, use excel - and keep your system as standard as possible – installation, upgrades and support will be easier, - Launch step by step – simplest first (like recording and reporting on contact meetings as step one), - Keep key influencers in the loop – you'll need them to gain buy-in,  - Remember that success is a human, procedures and data, not technology issue

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