Professional Services: How can they benefit from Black Friday & Cyber Monday? And should they?

We probably thought exactly the same in early September when the Christmas stuff came out in the shops.  Apart from my Mother, who seems to buy my Christmas present in the summer sales, I find it all a bit too ‘salesy’.


And then Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and ‘Black Week’ as it seems to stretch out to comes.  And now they are here.


And you see the deals all the time - so and so % discount, buy three and get the fourth for free. That sort of thing. And with TVs, you can never tell if the price was raised earlier just so the discount can go on now to get you to buy.


It must work, otherwise none of the retailers would do it.


So if it works, how can professional services benefit from it.  Jump on the bandwagon so to speak.


Well, if you have a charged workshop, or a lower value service, like a ‘house valuation’ for property consultants & surveyors, or ‘self assessment’ for Accountants, or ‘a legal workshop’ for law firms & solicitors - why can’t you discount the purchase or booking price?  If it brings in the purchase, you’ve brought in a client who may well buy something else afterwards.  


What harm would there be in testing this approach?


But discounting?  In Professional Services?  Boooooooo


But if you think about it honestly, many professional services firms don’t get back 100% of their time charges anyway. So all that’s happened is all their discount has moved to the purchase stage rather than the payment stage.


But would it only bring in clients who like a discount and are rice sensitive?  




But isn’t it worth thinking about and testing?


And how do you test?


Everyone has a list of clients, prospects or work referrers.


Ping them an email for your next workshop, or low value service


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