CRM success - look out for adult words creeping into your database

January 22, 2018 @ 11:04 AM · How to get great CRM

CRM systems TopTip: I had too much time on my hands one day when an in-house CRM database manager.... and found something in my database which I didn't like. Now, bear in mind that you spend all your time trying to get the best system you can - so your users actual use it... For instance - good systems will have alerts to your fee earners / customer facing staff (to be fair - you can bolt any old alerting systems onto any old database) - letting them know when activity has happened / is about to happen with their targets and clients... but do you database admin team have similar style alerts?  It had completely passed me by, and some rotten data popped it’s ugly head out of the our system.... time to tweak those .........

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Using your CRM system for Relationship Management: - Build up a profile on your best contacts

January 8, 2018 @ 11:31 AM · How to get great CRM

Using your CRM system for Relationship Management: - Build up a profile on your best contacts (who meets them, what events they've come to etc), - Ensure reporting is limited to your best clients and prospects, - Create 'email Alerts' so your fee earners don't have to login to find out news, - Link your CRM system to other databases - like your email and accounts - creating one big picture, - Continually re-educate your users in how it can help them make 'managing their relationships easier'

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Don't develop a 'Stop Gap' CRM database.

January 1, 2018 @ 12:38 AM · How to get great CRM

Don't develop a 'Stop Gap' CRM database.  It will take all your development time from planning out what you need in the main system. It'll end up being  'good enough' to carry on using for quite a while and your budget holders will get all jittery.... Especially it's it taken some of your budget.  If you've got half a year to go until you get your shiny new system, just use a spreadsheet instead.  It’s a 'really quick and easy' solution.  You also won't be tempted to keep it!  You'll also have to put all your data into a spreadsheet format anyway - when you come to importing it into your final system, so there you go - it&......

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