How to get your CRM Database and Marketing lists to comply with the GDPR

So, you will have heard the news about the GDPR replacing the Data Protection Act in May 2018. 

You will have heard that you have to get your processes all sorted before the deadline, not after it.

But you will have heard less about ‘how’ to ensure your marketing activity with your database and mailing lists complies with the stricter changes. 

To help you comply with the GDPR changes, I've spent over 20 years using and managing CRM databases, and have some practical tips for you to follow. And when to do them by so you don’t have to worry when the law changes.


Step 1

Find all your CRM data and lists

You need to gather all your mailing lists, targeting lists, lists of contacts etc. Once you ...

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Law firm Growth Strategies - The future of CRM and where it will take you

June 23, 2017 @ 11:13 AM · Starting your CRM journey

Feeling very privileged to have been invited to speak at Legal Strategy Conference hosted by Ark Group #LegalGS2017 on London on Thurs 22nd June.

Loads learnt, and thanks to all the speakers for their time and advice on the way ahead. CRM hints and slides posted soon

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Law firm CRM databases - how to keep costs under control - step 1

June 1, 2017 @ 11:17 AM · How to get great CRM, Starting your CRM journey

If you tweak your CRM system - it'll slowly cost you a fortune. 

Big features and small things. It all adds up.

If you have to tweak a few areas, make sure your amendments can be carried over to new version upgrades, or that the tiny bits you do alter, like new fields, field pick list options or hiding features can be done by your admin, not your IT supplier.

A long time ago, when I was an in-house CRM Database Manager, I was asked to add a new field into one area of my system. Then a few month later, another, and some time after that - another. 

Each time I ended up having to go back to the database suppliers - and each time, a nice little hit on my budget. 

And it made upgrades super hard! 

As all the tweaks ...

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