How small law firms can implement a CRM database. 10 easy to follow steps

May 31, 2017 @ 11:21 AM · Starting your CRM journey
If you are one of the many law firms looking to get yourself a CRM database to help you service your clients or promote your services, the task can feel daunting. 
Especially daunting if you aren't an experienced marketing manager! Law firm Practice Managers have to do everything in the smaller law firms these days. Or the Senior Partner does!
You’ll have heard all the stories about it making it easier to track and follow up leads, or bringing together all your contacts so you get a ‘one-firm’ view. 
But, unless you’ve done it before, it could easily bog you down and stop your smooth running and promoting of your firm whilst it’s implemented.
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When law firms ask

May 23, 2017 @ 11:19 AM · How to get great CRM, Starting your CRM journey

I get asked "What's the best CRM system for me?" all the time.

BUT never mind what it does for one moment. 

How about "how you pay for it"?

One huge tip I can give you is that if you have a lot of people wanting to use your CRM database, think very carefully before you choose one that makes you pay for a license for each user.  

If you are have a small headcount, buying by the user isn't going to cost you much. 

But if your headcount is a fair few departments, like many mid tier law firms, accountancy practices, or property consultants, where every member of staff needs access to your CRM system to do their job better, a CRM system based on £x per user (either ...

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Just merged - and now we have loads of different versions of the same people

May 1, 2017 @ 9:46 AM · How to get great CRM, We are merging!

I’ve just received THREE letters reminding me about an trade show I went to last year.  I will probably go this year too.

Each had near identical information. So who is looking at the information in their database not to spot this.

Probably nobody, as it's bound to ‘just be a mailing list’, not a CRM system where users need to look up details.

But image you are a CRM database user.  And you found three versions of my record.

Which one who you look at?

Which one would you add details to?

If slightly different, which one do you trust?

And that’s the key point about duplications.  

Dead easy to add.

Hard to remove.

Very annoying to see.

Imagine a contact is £1.  OK, so you lost ...

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