CRM success - don't have a stopgap system - it'll drive you bonkers

December 18, 2017 @ 11:08 AM · How to get great CRM

CRM Systems TopTip: Don't do a 'stop gap' system, use excel or something simple like that instead.  You'll find otherwise, that you spent all your time on the stopgap system - finding it, installing etc etc.  You'll also find that it then ends up being good enough and you use that going forward - and that will mean you don't get the benefits of a really powerful system. One that will push your leads forward no end - if you use it right.  Just stick with excel and muddle along with that.  I'm a big fan of excel (how many of you have I just alienated!) - it'll do most of the things you need.  Obviously you'll need a proper system for multi users with ......

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I see GDPR queries all the time on social media, moaning about compliance. But it's good business!

I see GDPR queries all the time posted on social media, moaning about consent and compliance.

Whether you need to have it or not


Getting GDPR consent can be easy and it can improve your marketing performance.


"How?" you may well ask.


I hear this all the time...


"I don't need to get explicit provable consent from my contacts because..."


"...I'll be able to rely on opt-out when sending them stuff"


"..They've expressed an interest in my services or products, so I'm OK to carry on contacting them as its relevant"


So why are some organisations sending the 'please consent' emails to their contacts in their .........

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