Implementing a CRM database? Keep in mind hearts and minds, not techie stuff

November 30, 2017 @ 4:21 PM

Implementing a CRM database? Keep in mind your staff's hearts and minds, not the technical bit and bobs


You need to keep in mind ‘hearts and minds’.  Bring people on board with your project.  This isn’t just a technical and data project.  At the end of your project, you don’t want your colleagues going back to their ‘bad old ways’ - they need to be engaged and willing to embrace CRM

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GDPR risks - got lists of contacts on your computer?

November 26, 2017 @ 4:37 PM · GDPR, Data Protection & your CRM

GDPR risks of non-compliance are very easy to get wrong, for instance....

Right, you have your client and contact lists on your computer.

Are they password protected?

Can anyone see them?

Can anyone copy them?

How easy could they be seen if you left you computer on the train?

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Top 3 considerations when buying a CRM database system

November 21, 2017 @ 11:28 AM · How to get great CRM, Starting your CRM journey

Top 3 considerations when buying a CRM database system


I'm often asked "which is the best CRM system?".  But what I think people mean is "what is going to get me the best result at the least outlay?"


They could of course really be asking about a CRM system, but for this post, I'll go over the things that make the most difference to your bottom line, take up and boosting your marketing performance when you are looking for one


#1) How are you going to pay for it?

When you have a system that 100 staff want to use, for 5 - 10 years (as you are unlikely to swap it), the costs build up (you will no doubt want to add a consultant's time and IT fine-tuning to the actual cost.

If you ...

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GDPR compliance efforts can have all sorts of benefits for you

November 14, 2017 @ 4:30 PM · GDPR, Data Protection & your CRM, How to get great CRM

Benefits of combining your CRM data into one list, getting it verified by your contacts and using it to improve your CRM activities - and you'll nearly do most of that trying to comply with the GDPR anyway - so great news


Improving your data quality for GDPR makes it easier for you to manage your client relationships because...

- Your firm will find out your relationship strength (e.g. how many staff know each contact)
- Your firm will be able to see each client’s activity history (e.g. who met who)
- Staff will finally know what HAS or is DUE TO happen to their contacts, clients, or sectors

Improving your data quality for GDPR makes it more likely you'll have happier clients because...

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When a contact in your CRM database asks to be deleted under GDPR, should you delete them

November 14, 2017 @ 2:48 PM · GDPR, Data Protection & your CRM
When a contact in your CRM database asks to be deleted (under the GDPR), should you delete them from your database?
Yes. And No
No because someone will re-add them 3 months later thinking they are not in your system.
Yes because the law says so
How about asking the contact who asked to be forgotten.  Let them know that deleted their detail may mean someone else adds them in again one day, but deleting most of their details, with tags against their name indicating not to contact and not to send marketing to them
So, what should you do....
Try here: 
Hope ...
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Clean & enhance the data in your CRM database (like for GDPR compliance) to triple response rates

When I first did an exercise to clean up and enhance the data in my CRM database (like for GDPR compliance) I tripled response rates

All you need to do is pull all your contacts together into one list, ask the contacts to opt-in for GDPR purposes and indicate their interests and issues.

Then use that information to do targeted mailings.

Real story...

When I first did this (in 2001), I halved the mailing list size for an event invite and tripled the delegate booking rate.  Simply by asking the contacts what they were interested in, and then giving it them.  And by following this action plan, there is no reason why you can't replicate this same feat.

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