Basic guide about CRM for newbies (part 1): A total and utter beginners guide to CRM databases

January 15, 2017 @ 4:25 PM · Starting your CRM journey

What is CRM?

It's a way of managing your clients, customers, prospects and work referrers.

What does CRM stand for?

It started many years ago as Customer Relationship Management. And depending on which sector you are in, you can replace the C. For instance, if you are in professional services. 

What do professional services call CRM then?

They still call it CRM. But in that industry it's 'client relationship management'. Simply because they call customers, clients. 

Customer? Clients? What about prospects / referrers if CRM?

Yep, which is why Customer Relationship Management can be Client Relationship Management or Contact Relationship ...
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How to move from snail mail to email marketing

January 1, 2017 @ 12:49 AM · Starting your CRM journey

There are some fantastic benefits in moving your marketing communications from posted letters to email.  You'll be able to track who is clicking on what content in your emails, so you know who is interested in what, you'll be able to segment your database and send more personalised communications – more easily, more quickly, and far more cheaply.  But if you are not currently 'eMarketing', the following steps should help you get there.

CRM Step 1 – Work out what you want to achieve, your capabilities and budget

If all you want to do is save on postage, your email solution will be very different to one where you want to track who is interested in what, and base future marketing ...

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