Is spending time on your CRM data worth your admin burden? It depends if you want to...

March 10, 2016 @ 10:18 AM · How to get great CRM, Starting your CRM journey

Good CRM data will get you:

#1) Understand your activity with your contacts

#2) Find more leads, far more easily

#3) Improve your response rates to your Marketing emails

If you don't really want this, not much point spending any of your time and effort improving your data (getting the details right, and enhanced - like what your contacts are interested in) in your database.  

Users may not want to spend any time on 'their' data.  But they won't use the database without good quality data.  Then blame the 'data' team

It's a bit sad really isn't it.

Data can be hard work.  But there are many short cuts.  It shouldn't be a matter of plugging away at contacts one at a time....

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How healthy is your CRM? 2-minute QUIZ

March 10, 2016 @ 10:13 AM · How to get great CRM

Give your marketing data, emailing and data and CRM database system a health-check with this 2-minute Quiz

How many questions can you confidently answer “yes” to?


Is the information on your clients and prospects accurate and reliable?
* Yes [  ]  / NO [  ]


Can you easily pull together a list of contacts who are likely to be interested in a particular topic? 
* Yes [  ]  / NO [  ]


Before you meet a client or potential client, can you easily see your firm’s activity with them, or be reminded of your own activity with them?
* Yes [  ]  / NO [  ]

4.   &...

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