A couple of things to remember when implementing a CRM database system...

February 25, 2016 @ 1:38 PM · Starting your CRM journey, We are merging!

Things to remember when implementing CRM

– Research the needs of the user and find out what your current situation is

– Get a specialist in – they’ll save you £1,000’s in time, hassle and results

– Don’t do a ‘stop gap’ system, use excel instead

– Keep it as standard as possible – easier installation, upgrades and support

– Launch step by step – simplest first (like sending emails, managing events, recording meetings - beware it being viewed as a 'marketing system' though)

– Keep key influencers in the loop – you’ll need them to gain buy-in

Remember that CRM success is a human, procedures and data issue, not tech!



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Questions to ask yourself before spending a small fortune on a CRM system

February 11, 2016 @ 2:20 PM · Starting your CRM journey, We are merging!

If you are starting to look for a new CRM system…. some handy hints before you get to far into the nitty-gritty.... 

Q: Not planning on checking and enhancing your data?
A: Use a spreadsheet instead

Q: Not taking a 'carrot and stick' approach to getting users to use your system? 
A: Use a spreadsheet instead
Q: Only planning on sending mailings and emailings out to your contacts?
A: Use a spreadsheet instead
Q: If all you are going to do is have one person adding to, updating and seeing the information in the database,
A: Use a spreadsheet instead

Q: Think buying an expensive CRM system will solve all your problems?
A: Use a spreadsheet instead

 Can you see where I’m going with ......

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What 'you moving home' has to do with your CRM database data quality

February 8, 2016 @ 10:06 AM · How to get great CRM

I recently moved house. Hopefully for the last time ever. And it made me realise something. I hate getting all my old, now incorrectly addressed, mail.

I’ve been all ‘database geeky’ and done ‘Return to sender - remove from database’ and 'Return to sender - update database with this new address' labels to stick onto post , but it’s a real pain having to write, fax or email all the people with my new details.

I will soon get around to it so I don't have to renew my Royal Mail forwarding again;-)

And you can bet the contacts on your own CRM database feel exactly the same when their details change (new job role, different department or location, new organisation etc etc).

How easy do you......

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If you tweak your system it will costs you a fortune

February 5, 2016 @ 10:05 AM · How to get great CRM, Starting your CRM journey

If you tweak your CRM database and CRM system heavily – it’ll slowly cost you a fortune in hidden and non-hidden costs. 

Ask yourself....
    - Will my user guides have to be re-written
    - How many people at my supplier's helpdesk know my new system?
    - Will upgrades delete all my 'improvements'  
    - Were all these additions included in the original costs / time budget?
    - etc etc etc

Check your CRM ystem can easily be configured to match your needs closely - it might not always 'have to be' an exact match!

Many systems allow you to 'configure' your system to use your terminology (or new sections / fields) without going ......

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You can’t implement CRM with dirty rotten data. Oh yes you can!

February 4, 2016 @ 10:04 AM · Starting your CRM journey, We are merging!

You 'can', and your users couldn’t care less about your CRM data quality.

Until they want to use your CRM database...

Many of your user won’t even respond to your ‘please send me details on your Outlook, rolodex, excel, stack of business cards, or list of contacts in word’ requests to add into the system, never mind correct the ones in your system.

And on the other scale - being given far too much information.... I once had a user complain I'd sent their family emails from the firm we worked for.

Him: "I did not give you those details.  How did you get them"
   Simon: "You must have given them to me"

Him: "I definitely did not"
   Simon: "...

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