If you tweak your CRM system – it will slowly cost you a fortune over time

December 11, 2015 @ 10:14 AM · Starting your CRM journey

If you tweak your CRM system – it’ll slowly cost you a fortune over time.  It’ll also mean supporting your system is harder.  And upgrades will be harder still.  

If you have to tweak a few areas, make sure it’s future proof and that you can alter the values in the field (or whatever) yourself.  A long time ago, I was asked to add ‘x’ field into one area of my system.  Then a few month later, another, and some time after that – another.  All within the same feature.  Each time I ended up having to go back to the database suppliers – and each time, a nice little hit on my budget. 

Now, if I’d set up one new field, and called it ...

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What your CRM database should give you

December 1, 2015 @ 10:44 AM

What should you be aiming for with your CRM (contact relationship management) database:

– Easy, simple and quick to use
– Allows “one contact:one record”
 – Linkable to other systems (e.g. billings, email)
– Upgradable and future proof
– Good supplier support and relationship
– Holds standard data: contact reports, tenders, credentials, events, mailings)
– Good automatic activity alert / management reporting abilities
– Is more useful to your firm that fee-earner’s own stand-alone system
– Low admin burden 

If it isn't - boo hiss and rotten luck. 

I can probably help you with that bit...

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