The benefits you'll see from an improved eMail Marketing & CRM database

Predictions for your firm after improving your GDPR consent, CRM database and email marketing activities


Better Business CRM Relationships

- Your firm will find out the relationship strength with clients (how many lawyers know each contact)
- Your firm will be able to see a history for each contact – like who met them / event attendance
- Your firm will have a better understanding of what HAS happened to their contacts
- Your firm will have advance warning of what is GOING TO happen to their contacts
- Clients will receive more communications on topics that interest them 
- Clients will receive less unwanted communications
- Influencers will be easier to find, monitor and communicate with

More Work

- Leads & Opportunities
- Higher click rates to eMarketing campaigns
- More responses & enquiries
- Easier identification of potential work leads & opportunities

Higher efficiency

- Reduce list creation efforts from days to around 30 minutes
- Less unwanted details and contacts to manage
- Less errors from having to manage numerous data sources
- An easy to follow checklist to keep your data in prime condition

Typical Scenarios you should expect after improving your marketing data and database


Imagine your Marketing team are running an event and want to find contacts to invite…

You search your CRM Database for contacts you invited last year, or those with an interest in the event’s topic. You add those contacts to your invite list. Then search again for contacts who have clicked in mailings about similar topics, or attended similar events. You add those to your invite list. Then, as you know that ‘x’ lawyers specialises is a similar topic as your event, you add all the contacts they are listed as knowing in your CRM system to your invite list. From this combined list, you then exclude contact you don’t want. For instance, contacts not near your event, or without the job title including ‘Director or Head’ because you only wanted people who are in a position to purchasing legal services for this event. A good list ready in about 15 minutes….

Image your fee-earners being alerted about activity with their contacts…

Imagine getting into work on Monday morning. In your inbox is your weekly activity alert from your CRM Database. At the top of your email is a list of your contacts who are due to be met in the next few weeks by colleagues (including when and by whom), followed by those who have been met (and what topics were discussed). The next section shows if any of your contacts have booked onto upcoming events, followed by recent event attendance records (plus the event topics and dates). Then you see what links your contacts have clicked on in last week’s email marketing communications (plus the link name and date) and what they’ve been sent. You scroll a bit further down to see who else in the firm has added their name as knowing your contacts. Understanding your client relationships in 5 minutes.