10 Top Tips on getting the right marketing data and making the most of it

Published in PM Forum's journal - Summer 2009

I agree with you - data is the least sexy part of marketing.  But good data raised my response rates 300% and enabled accurate eMarketing.  So how can you do this?

  1. Collate all your contacts into one database
  2. Remove the duplications
  3. Focus on your best contacts and organisations
  4. Ensure you have the best contacts and prospects listed
  5. Verify and enhance your information, then re-verify yearly
  6. Make it easy for staff to keep the details correct on a daily basis
  7. Record activity in your database (who was sent a mailing, who attended a seminar, who knows who, who has been met, pitches and work referrals)
  8. Use your newly enhanced information ASAP – before it degrades
  9. Alert staff when activity happens to their contacts
  10. Move from snail mail to eMarketing ASAP