CRM Articles published in professional journals

In addition to 2 industry awards, numerous publications have printed my articles on my experiences with CRM projects, and CRM related advice.  The text of the articles is available here, as in many cases you need to be a member of the publication's professional body to read the actual article (e.g. The PM Forum's articles are 'members only').

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Letters and envelopes. Old but not Out

Sending a letter may seem dreadfully old fashioned in this modern digital world, but it can help in drumming up responses far more than you'd think.  This trip down memory lane may be just what the doctor ordered. 

Do law firms need a CRM solution?

Customer (or client) relationship management (CRM) is defined by as “Information-technology enabled strategy aimed at identifying, targeting, acquiring, and retaining the best mix of customers.....

Get the right CRM data and make the most of it

Simon McNidder has spent 14 years in eMarketing and CRM databases. Neither is effective without good quality data to back them up. Getting good data takes an awful lot of effort … and he reckons about one year of those 14 could have been saved with the hindsight he now knows about better data management.... 

Moving from snail mail to email marketing, plus a few top tips

There are some fantastic benefits in moving your marketing communications from posted letters to email.  You'll be able to track who is clicking on what content in your emails, so you know who is interested in what, you'll be able to segment your database and send more personalised communications – more easily, more quickly, and far more cheaply.  But if you are not currently 'eMarketing', the following steps should help you get there. 

Back to Basics: CRM Database success factors

If you need a good CRM database, the last thing you need to do is focus on a CRM database.  Sounds an odd thing to say, but Simon McNidder has spent fifteen years with marketing databases, and PSMG caught up with him to offer his hindsight for those of you just starting out..... 

Doctor Doctor, Am I sick?

A 10 minute physical and fitness test for your CRM database and data.  Ever wondered if your database marketing activities are good enough?  What is enough anyway?  This audit of your CRM database and CRM data should give you an idea.

Mailing lists: The end is nigh.

Let a CRM database take the strain of your marketing administration

Do you want to know how your CRM database could do much of your marketing admin for you, as well as automatically ensure you target the right people with the right information at the right time and in the right way?  If yes, then read on.

10 Top Tips on getting the right marketing data and making the most of it

I agree with you - data is the least sexy part of marketing.  But good data raised my response rates 300% and enabled accurate eMarketing.  So how can you do this? 

Implementing a CRM IT solution

Three years ago, to support Pinsents' 'Chosen Market' and excellence in client service strategy, help its lawyers manage their client relationships more effectively and make its direct marketing more effective, the law firm invested in a client relationship management (CRM) IT solution. The results have been greater than anyone expected... 

Competitor Intelligence for the smaller Enterprise

The practice of Competitor Intelligence (CI) is well established in the USA where it is estimated that 80% of all firms utilise it to their competitive advantage. Within the UK, however, it is only gradually becoming a part of the strategic activity of large multi-nationals which have realised the benefit of “being aware”. Unfortunately, it is hardly ever mentioned within the small and medium sized enterprise (SME).....