CRM Services for Professional Services


I've spent 18 years in Professional Services so I know the situations you are facing.  The office politics and certain individuals are simialr in every firm.  

And you'll of course heard about Herding Cats. It started in Professional Services. Ownership issues of contacts, clients or client groups?  Yep - been there, done that.  I miss it really.  Made the job interesting.


CRM for Law firms

A story if I may, as I've spent 15 years as the CRM database Manager for a large law firm (it had 2,500 staff) and thought it good to share.

A high level Partner (who has now long since left that firm), on seeing all the data together for the first time went through 'his list' and looked at one of 'his contacts' and started crossing out his colleague's names from the print-off, saying "he doesn't know my contact, nor does she, or her, or him".  He's been used to having his own list of contacts (as were everyone else) and thinking they were all his.  'His' contact was a Board level Director of a PLC company - which is staggering, as you'd thik this Partner would be pleased that loads of colleagues from different departments knew the same contact - it made it more likely that contact would use that firm.  But no - they couldn't believe they all knew the same people and, I can only guess, were worried about who was to be the main contacts.  which we had a fix for

And that's the big benefit of pulling all the data together - you get a 'one firm' picture all of a sudden


CRM for Accountancy, Surveyors, Architects and Construction Advisors

 Professional Services often have unique business challenges.  And in some cases, their 'CRM' is light years ahead of other organisations doing marketing.  Mainly because their client relationship has always been absolutely key to the success fo the firm.  

This news peeved my good friend who works in an industry which prides itself on 'marketing excellence'.  He one day announced to me that he has done a bit of CRM too.  He'd sent a mailing (emailing as it happened).  That was it.  Yes I know.  No follow-up, no taking to dinner or the golf.  

Which brings me onto professional services.  No, you don't live or die by the performance of your mailings, but you do by the relationship with your client, referrer or prospoect.  Hence why CRM systems need to help you manage that relationship.  

And not so much the email tool. But we all know that's what's also needed.  Newsletter still need to go out - and need to use the same data as a fee-earner needs to look up his or her client's phoen number or last meeting from someone in another office.


My specialism is within CRM databases. 

I've spent over 20 years using, managing and implementing CRM systems in-house. 18 of those years in professional services (15 years in law, winning 2 CRM awards during it)


So, what's your CRM headache?

* Are you fed up with seeing duplicate contacts all over your database?

* Do you dispair at the number of mailing, contact and marketing lists you have?

* Are you thinking about getting a CRM system, but unsure where to start?

* Apprehensive at the size of your CRM project?

* About to merge with another organisation, and dreading the database merger?

* Annoyed at the low take-up of your CRM database?


Worried about compliance with the Data Protection Act?

You should be worried. If you hold personal data, which you will, if affects you. Being a law firm doesn’t mean you’ll escape the eyes of the regulator.  Putting a pin in a trade directory is all it takes for the compliance manager to choose your firm.


Even more worried about the new GDPR?

The changes coming in are massive. And Brexit isn’t going to change anything. You will need to audit your CRM processes.  


Fed up with contact lists all over the place? A data protection issue

Don’t worry any longer. I can merge all your marketing lists together. No matter what state they are in (this could by business cards, wills or engagement letters). Excel, Word, Outlook, on your phone, in a few different databases. It’s all fix-able and sort-able-out.


Fed up with duplicated contacts? Another Data Protection issue

I can run a report on your database, show you which contacts to delete (and what data to append onto the winning duplicate) or what lists to merge together and incorporate into one list.


Wondering what CRM projects I can help you with? Typical CRM projects are:

  • Plan your CRM project

  • Find you a CRM system

  • Implement your CRM software 

  • Increase usage and take-up of your CRM solution

  • Combine all your data so you can start CRM or email marketing


Wondering what sort of daily CRM assistance I can give your firm? Typical CRM regular help could be:

  • Setup and sending of your email marketing campaigns

  • Retainer style - 1, 2, 5 & 10 hours per month (from advice to help)


Want other services that I don't do?  

I can connect you to trusted advisers and suppliers