I help you manage your business relationships

I make it easy for your clients to buy from you

Need help starting your email marketing?

Is the thought of starting off your email marketing frustrating? Want to generate work leads, or keep in touch with your clients and customers? Need help setting up your emailing function or having the emails sent for you?

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Learn how to get GDPR consent 

Are you worried about the GDPR and how to keep communication with your contacts?

Want to ensure your preferences form and your subscriber form fits in with the GDPR guidelines? 


Frustrated by Mailchimp? 

Already use Mailchimp, but it's too hard to use?

Let me show you how to use it, or do it all for you. I'll setup your list, create your emails, send them and review the click rates etc


How to implement a CRM database

It's all very well finding a CRM and paying for it.  Getting it setup properly so users can use it - without getting things wrong is far harder. As are processes and checks to keep it in great condition. I've 20 years experience of using, managing and implementing CRM databases

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If you are merging departments or whole organisations, I've been through FIVE! If you need someone to take an independent look at both team's or organisation's; Systems & databases, CRM processes & data management, eMail Marketing and super users? 


Combine your lists - easily and quickly

Image trying to send an email campaign or implement a CRM database with duplicate data and multiple lists all over the place.  It's nearly impossible without one single list, where the data in in one format and all the fields have the right information in them.