Easier client relationship management and promotion of your Accountancy practice's services with CRM & eMail Marketing

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Making it easier to manage your client relationships

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Do you want to manage your client relationships more easily?

Are you frustrated by the issue of 'CRM'?  

Do you need help working out what's right for you?  

Are you unsure which of the 100's of systems you should look at?

Wondering what the real success factors are as an Accountant?

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eMail Marketing


Making it easier to promote your services and send updates

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Do you want to keep your clients updated with the latest legal and accounting news & event invitations?

Are you frustrated by not being able to easily start or do your own email marketing?

Do you want to expand your client base and find new prospects?

Are you worried that clients may move to your competitors?

Wondering what to do with all the contacts you meet when networking?

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Want to do email marketing for yourself?

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Combining Lists


Making it easier to have a 'one firm view' of your contacts

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Imagine trying to find out who in your practice knows which contacts? 

How hard would it be to send a 'breaking news' update to all your practice's contacts - within 15 minutes?

How frustrating is it to find plenty of your contacts are on different lists?

What happens when contacts on different lists unsubscribe? 

Is GDPR a worry when all your contacts aren't in the same place?

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