Too many barriers to doing a good job of sending your marketing emails?

Want to do email marketing, but not got around to it yet?


It happens all the time doesn't it!

You have your CRM database or spreadsheets of contacts...
only to find you are not doing anything with that list.


You know it's a wasted opportunity.

You know you are missing out on potential leads and opportunities by not keeping in touch with your clients, customers, prospects and introducers.

And you know that keeping your name at the top of your contact's minds can only be a good thing.  Can't it?  The only down side to starting to mail your contacts is you do it too often.

But how often is 'too often'.

Or how often is 'too little'

After all, if they have expressed an interest in you products, maybe they want to hear more from you?.

If only you had...

  • The time to send your emails
  • The inclination to put together all the text
  • The time to learn email software
  • One single list of contacts rather than lists all over the place

Well, this is one of the many database and email headaches I help solve for clients.


Do you want to send one email a day, week, or month?  

Or send emails on special occasions, maybe you want to promote your seminar, or special comment on something in the news or your trade journal? 


Do you want to get on with sending your contacts regular communications?

It's all very easy when you have someone on the end of the phone and computer able, willing and enjoying doing it for you.

Why not get in touch now to ease your headache?

It'll only take about a minute


Did you know.... the Data Protection Act and the new GDPR laws say that if you are not using information, you have to get rid of it?

Something else to think about then