Going through a Merger?  Or just want to combine different team's contact lists?

How to comply with the GDPR

If you have just merged - congratulations are in order. If you are also getting the other organisation's client and prospect lists, integrating their database into you own could cause you quite a headache.
There are few developments more exciting than combining organisations and team's together.
But exciting as it is, merging your marketing and contact data isn’t going to be easy. And whether their data is in one list, or in many, I have your headache tonic.
You’ll be aware that your data can give you a significant competitive advantage. For one, you can immediately see cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. But this only works with all your data in one common format. 

A short-cut to removing your newly acquired marketing data headache

You could attempt to combine all your data yourself. I did much the same when an in-house CRM & Marketing Database Manager. But then you’d miss doing all the other tasks on your to-do list.
And when I was in your position in the five mergers I’ve worked through, I didn’t have the software that I now use. It finds duplicate contacts the eyes can’t easily see, and brings through extra information, like flags and tags on contacts from various separate lists that are near impossible without it.

How will you manage 'unsubscribe requests' if you have multiple lists?

Imagine you've just sent a marketing communication to a list of contacts.
Now imagine a few contacts unsubscribing.
Dead easy to manage - all you do is flag that contact as 'do not solicit'.  
Until you realise you've got ten lists.  Is that contact in other lists too?
And what happens if that separate list is then emailed.  Are any of the contacts on other lists who have unsubscribed just been contacted again? and that means.....

....you've just has a GPDR compliance fail!