Data Migration services for CRM resellers and CRM software developers

Ok, so you've got your client and want to bring them finally onto your CRM software.  

But the next step is getting their data into shape? Isn't it just a pain!


Bringing their data into your CRM system...

Don't you just hate having to go through all their data, combining duplicate contacts, merging multiple list together and tiding their data into the right column so that it all fits into your CRM system.

Well, that's what I can do for you.


I take the CRM data headache away, so you can concentrate on what you do best - your IT solution

And of course, if you want me to do the more touchy-feely bits too, like user forums or workshops, I'll also cover that bit.  Everything bar the technology!


Data Migration services for CRM re-sellers and CRM software developers - doing the bits you don't want to