Do you need help with Mailchimp?

Have you chosen to use Mailchimp as you email tool, only to find yourself a bit stuck and need help?

I spent a good amount of time with my CRM team working out how to get the response rates to updates and event invites up.  At our peak, we got click rates up threefold, and in one example of event invites, halved the mailing list and got three times the number of delegates book on. This was all to do with looking at the data and giving the right message to the right audience... segmenting the contacts and testing which email text got the highest response.

If you are using something like Mailchimp, sending out a weekly email to your members can use the same 'top and tailed' template each time, just with different text in each month is your most effective route.  


I would suggest testing at least two templates with a different 'look and feel' to see which gets the best results (whether that is clicks or responses depends on your objectives). Then test again once you have the best template with different subject lines and text in - that way, in the long term, you'll have the optimum email newsletter.


Do you hear yourself saying....

How do I import all my lists into MailChimp?

How do I put my logo into an email?

How do I start sending emails in Mailchimp?


I can help you with these and plenty of other Mailchimp issues. Like your daily, weekly or monthly sending of your email newsletters


And I can help you if you are wanting to do more advanced marketing messages, like....

How to set up a preference form

How to setup automation and trigger emails

How to spot contacts interested in what you are sending out