Learn how to solve your CRM Database and complying with the GDPR headache

CRM GDPR compliance


So, you will have heard the news about the GDPR replacing the Data Protection Act in May 2018. 

You will have heard that you have to get your processes all sorted before the deadline, not after it.

And you will have heard it's a massive subject.  

And one tiny part of it affects your CRM database, database of contacts, mailing lists and email marketing.  

But you will have heard less about ‘the practical steps on how to fix your CRM database and mailing lists' so they comply.



One of the aspects of the GDPR is that it will have a massive affect on your business if you like to keep send marketing emails to your contacts.

It looks like the new law will be ‘you need to have recordable prove-able consent by the people you want to email to email them’. 

And depending on your view, even for Business to Business emails.  

Which is a big change from where we are now, which is implied consent from simply having made contact with you in some way.

I’ll admit 2018 sounds a long way off, but you will need to comply BEFORE it comes into law.  Starting afterwards probably isn't the best idea you'll ever have.  It's a bit like when you are driving along the country road and come to a village where the speed limit sign is '30'.  You need to have slowed before you get to the sign, not after it to ensure a speeding ticket isn't in the post on it's way to you.

I've spent over 20 years using and managing CRM databases, winning 2 CRM industry awards.  I won the awards through great database management techniques - mainly data management!  Which is roughly what the GDPR is asking you to do now.  

To help you fix your CRM so you can comply with the GDPR changes, I've put together some practical tips for you to follow.

And when to do them by. 

When should you start to get GDPR compliance with your CRM database of contacts?

The smarter business owners will get their database of contacts sorted out as soon as possible.  Once we get nearer the deadline, everyone will be trying to get opt-in  and the response rates to getting opt-in from your contacts will go down.

And if you don’t comply with the new law by the time it comes into force, loads of people keep telling anyone that will listen that you could be in for a big fine.  Whether fines bug enough to make you go bust get issued or not, do you really want your own contacts thinking you can't get your act together in time.  The GDPR has been talked about for years after all.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. I’ll show you how you use the GDPR to your advantage, so you get far better response rates to your emails after you've followed my proven approach.  


Get your 'GDPR CRM database step-by-step' action plan here


I am not offering GDPR legal advice

The GDPR is a minefield.

It is also massive and covers all aspects of business.

I am not a lawyer and do not offer legal advice about the GDPR.

If you need legal GDPR advice, I have very good links with a GDPR expert. 

Just let me know and I'll connect you both.

You'll then be properly guided through the GDPR minefield. Issues like a GDPR audit, data privacy assessment, cyber security, HR issues about training and GDPR awareness, data privacy etc.  

I am not offering advice on the GDPR.  I just solve the 'how to get your CRM database, marketing data and mailing lists into shape'.  My areas of knowledge are CRM Databases, email targeting, combining mailing lists, and spotting work opportunities with your data, I’ve written a guide to getting your database compliant with the GDPR and making your marketing information identify work opportunities yourself.


Don't fear the GDPR. Use it as an excuse to improve your marketing performance

An example of how following my CRM database improvement steps and action plan can help you... using this approach a law firm ended up halving the mailing list size of a regular mailing whilst also tripling the event delegate bookings for tat mailing.  Now that's a huge improvement.  And one that had the GDPR principles at heart - get opt-in to what you want to send, send that stuff only and be amazed by the fabulous response rates. And I did this in about 2005! 

Please be aware this isn’t legal advice I’m providing, just a proven technic to getting your database sorted and at the same time improve it so you can sell more. I will happily put you in touch with someone who is an expert on the GDPR, cyber security, HR issues etc.


When should you start your GDPR compliance action plan for your CRM database?

As soon as you can.

The smarter business people will start straight after reading this page.

Everyone else will leave their GDPA action plan until a few months before the deadline. Then they'll wonder why they aren't getting much response to their opt-in requests from their contacts. And that will be because their contacts will be bored and tired of opt-ing in to all the requests they re getting. 


Your GDPR Countdown Action list to sort out your CRM database



- Download my guide to sorting out your database(s) of contacts here



- Start planning, it will take you far longer than you think

- Ensure you have taken proper GDPR legal advise (let me know if you want an introduction to an expert)


A few months time....

- Realise time is running away with you.  Get a giggle on (or ask me to solve it for you) 


9am, 25th May 2018....

- Relax and read stories about GDPR panic if you've already sorted yourself out. OR....

- Have a bit of a panic if you are yet to sort this out


CRM Database GDPR 'helpful hint' repeated because it is so important...

If you are planning on sorting your database(s) of contacts out yourself, do not leave it too late to start as sorting out your data takes far longer that expected, hoped for and planned