CRM data migration and combining services

Complying with the GDPR


Imagine you have your ideal CRM database.  You are all ready.  You've tweaked it and done the finishing touches.  Just the data to import.

"Drat" you hear yourself think... "Our data. It's in an awful state.  It's all over the place"

Nothing like taking the shine off your new project is there!

Your Database supplier doesn't want to sort it all out and they've passed it back to you to sort out. Sorting out the data is really hard work.  Months of work, mind numbing work often.

You have two options - sort it out yourself, or pay someone to do it for you.

And that's where your smile comes back.

Because I can do it all for you. I'll take all your lists, agree with you and your database supplier how you want it back, and then return it to you in the format agreed. Simple as that. You'll have all the duplicate contacts combined, and if they had various tags and flags on your old mailing lists, these can also come through into your new list - so you've not lost any historic information.

I take the CRM data headache away, so you can concentrate on what you do best - and your IT supplier can do what they do best.