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Is your CRM database or the GDPR giving you a headache?


 Do you hear yourself saying things like:

  • I'm fed up with seeing duplicate contacts all over my database

  • I can't stand all the mailing, contact and marketing lists we have

  • We want CRM, but where do we start?

  • How will the GDPR affect our database activity?

That's what I can help you with.


This is what other people say about me

“He sees beyond the technology to the human side”

“He possesses the patience and persuasive charm to encourage organisations to buy into change and take-up of new systems”

“He has a knack for keeping it simple for users but delivering real business insight and lucrative actions from the database”

“Simon is enthusiastic, resilient and makes things happen. His knowledge of CRM systems is second to none. A true expert”

“It is rare to find a self-confessed database geek with such a good sense of humour and such a good grasp on how IT can be used to really support the business”

“I've not used a system this easy for a long time, or with such good quality data”

“What Simon doesn't know about CRM in professional services and database systems management isn't worth knowing! Simon is constantly pushing the boundaries of CRM in professional services and does so with considerable patience and good humour”

“Having undertaken projects with many professional services firms, I can say hand-on-heart that Simon's input into [company name]’s CRM strategy makes for one of the most effective I have come across”

More of what other people say about me here


Helping you implement CRM

My goal is to help professional service firms, like law firms, accountants and property professionals, plus merging organisations to get the best possible marketing performance from their CRM activities and database.

I've spent over 20 years using, managing and implementing CRM systems in-house. And with these CRM systems, properly used, you can obtain a massive competitive advantage. 

What will a good CRM strategy do for me?

In a nutshell, a CRM startegy, CRM database and enhanced data will make your Marketing and targeting far more effective. And your your users will be making much more efficient use of their time.


Worried about the new GDPR?

The changes coming in are massive.  And Brexit isn’t going to change anything. If you aren’t worried, you must be a Data Protection guru and rubbing your hands with glee. I can help you sort out complaince with regards to your CRM database, data and email marketing activities.  Don't worry, I'm not the guru rubbing my hands, but I know them if you need Data Protection advice.


Not sure what CRM system to use?

I’ve been through that a fair few times now.  I’ll sit down with you, work out what you want to achieve, let you know what’s possible and find you the best solution for your needs.  Run Events and Corporate Hospitality as part of your marketing mix? You need something that allows you to manage events for instance. There are simple ones that are near enough 'set up and an event and stick people on the invite or acceptance list' through to'manage evenrything from hotel room booking for delegates, taking payment and break-out sessions.   


Wondering what CRM projects I can help you with? Typical CRM projects are:

  • Plan your CRM project
  • Find you a CRM system
  • Implement your CRM software
  • Increase usage and take-up of your CRM solution
  • Combine all your data so you can start CRM or email marketing


Wondering if I can offer you daily CRM assistance? Typical CRM regular help could be:

  • Setup and sending of your email marketing campaigns
  • Monitoring the data quality on your contacts
  • Running activity reports of your users or contacts in your CRM system
  • Retainer style - 1, 2, 5 & 10 hours per month (from advice to help)



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