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Is CRM, email marketing or getting GDPR consent giving you headaches?



Do you hear yourself saying...

"I really want to start email marketing but..."
"... My data is all over the place" 
"... I don't know what I'd say" 
"... I don't have the time to send emails" 
"... I think we need a CRM"

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Feedback & Testimonials...

“He sees beyond the technology to the human side”
“He possesses the patience and persuasive charm to encourage organisations to buy into change”
“He has a knack for keeping it simple for users but delivering real business insight”
“What Simon doesn't know about CRM in professional services isn't worth knowing!”

Typical email marketing projects

- Find your right email marketing software
- Setup your email marketing software
- Combine all your data into one format
- Create best practice email templates
- Create & send your marketing emails
- Write content for your emails
- Add blogs and articles

Typical CRM projects

- Find your most suitable CRM solution
- Implement and launch your CRM solution
- Combine all your data into one format
- Import your data into your software
- Set you up with robust processes 

Typical GDPR consent projects

- Obtain consent from your contacts
- Notify contacts of your revised data activities
- Set you up with easy processes to follow
- Write up a document on your data processes