Is your CRM database giving you a headache?

You've just found where to solve your CRM problem

Helping you implement CRM

My goal is to help professional service firms, like law firms, accountants and property professionals, plus merging organisations to get the best possible marketing performance from their CRM activities and database.

I've spent over 20 years using, managing and implementing CRM systems in-house. And with these CRM systems, properly used, you can obtain a massive competitive advantage. 


What will a good CRM strategy do for me?

In a nutshell, a CRM startegy, CRM database and enhanced data will make your Marketing and targeting far more effective. And your your users will be making much more efficient use of their time.


Unsure what CRM can do for you?

Click here to read a basic guide to CRM from my blog.  Wondering what CRM even stands for - another one of my blogs on buzzwords explains.


So, what's your CRM headache?

* Are you fed up with seeing duplicate contacts all over your database?

* Do you dispair at the number of mailing, contact and marketing lists you have?

* Are you thinking about getting a CRM system, but unsure where to start?

* Apprehensive at the size of your CRM project?

* About to merge with another organisation, and dreading the database merger?

* Annoyed at the low take-up of your CRM database?


How I fix your CRM headache - a different approach depending on who you are and what you'll need

  • Mature organisations need a different approach to start-ups (who won't need my help) 

  • Professional Services need different help than a CRM database supplier / re-seller.  

You can simply get a bit of advice from me (much like coaching you through the CRM process) to getting me to do the whole task for you as you’re either unsure what to do, or don’t have spare staff to dedicate to this one-off project.  And anything in-between. I’m here to help you in the way you need.  


Which market sectors can you give CRM advice to?

I've spent 18 of my 20 years in-house (using, managing and implementing CRM) in professional services.  Shared between the business advisors PricewaterhouseCooper (now PwC) and the law firm Pinsent Masons (winning 2 CRM awards more here).  Many organisations have exactly the same issues to solve that law and accounting firms do though, so I'm not really going to sit at the other end of the phone when you ask for help pulling your marketing lists together and say "no because you are not a law firm".

Saying that, you probably won't need my servcies if you aren't a mature organisation or growth orientated.  You just won't have got yourself into a pickle over the years or are happy with your status quo.


Is it only CRM you can help with?  I need PR advice

Yep, I only do CRM and all the bits around it.  I usually know someone who can help if it's not me you need. For instance, I don't sell mailing lists, but know organisations who will sell you data (careful with the data protection act though). I can't do PR, but again, can point you to the person that can. Etc.


Worried about compliance with the Data Protection Act?

You should be worried.  If you hold personal data, which you will, if affects you.  

More on Data Protection in my blog


Even more worried about the new GDPR?

The changes coming in are massive.  And Brexit isn’t going to change anything. If you aren’t worried, you must be a Data Protection guru and rubbing your hands with glee. I an help sort out complaince.  Don't worry, I'm not the guru rubbing my hands, but I know them if you need Data Protection advice.


Fed up with contact and mailing lists all over the place?

Don’t worry any longer.  I can merge all your marketing lists together.  No matter what state they are in (piles of business cards or filing cabinets of client correspondence, like wills).  Excel, Word, Outlook, on your phone, in a few different databases.  It’s all fix-able.  


Why is Database First Aid better than me simply adding my excel lists together myself?

Firstly, you don’t have to do it.  Secondly, you won’t lose the information on a contact from ‘list number 7’ for instance.  So, what I do is, if a contact is duplicated in another list and that contact has a phone number (and the other contact didn’t have one), that phone number is dragged through into the main contact when we merge your lists for you.

Saying that, if you have a few hundred contacts, it'll be best just to do it yourself.  Any more than that, you've delayed it for a reason!  I've some super whizzy software that sorts much of it out.  


Fed up with duplicated contacts in your system?

OK, so if all you want is to identify and combine contacts in a CRM database you are perfectly happy with, I can run a report on your data, show you which contacts to delete (and what data to append onto the winning duplicate).


Not sure what CRM system to use?

I’ve been through that a fair few times now.  I’ll sit down with you, work out what you want to achieve, let you know what’s possible and find you the best solution for your needs.  Run Events and Corporate Hospitality as part of your marketing mix? You need something that allows you to manage events for instance. There are simple ones that are near enough 'set up and an event and stick people on the invite or acceptance list' through to'manage evenrything from hotel room booking for delegates, taking payment and break-out sessions.   


About to merge due to an acquisition, takeover or merger?  Wondering what to do about the CRM systems?

I’ve worked through a number of mergers, taking one law firm from 700 staff (users in my world) to 2,500 staff in five mergers, on one case, taking the system from one firm, and the CRM processes from the other to get the best results for everyone. If you wanted to now what each organisation has, and why it works or doesn’t, I can investigate this for you.  Right through to getting your combined organisation up and running with one system, one set of process and great data.  

More about how and what I do with merging organisations here.


Wondering what CRM projects I can help you with? Typical CRM projects are:

  • Plan your CRM project
  • Find you a CRM system
  • Implement your CRM software 
  • Increase usage and take-up of your CRM solution
  • Combine all your data so you can start CRM or email marketing

Wondering what sort of daily CRM assistance I can give your organisation? Typical CRM regular help could be:

  • Setup and sending of your email marketing campaigns
  • Monitoring the data quality on your contacts
  • Running activity reports of your users or contacts in your CRM system
  • Retainer style - 1, 2, 5 & 10 hours per month (from advice to help)

If you want introducing to other trusted Marketing Professionals, I can connect you to people in the following areas:

  • Strategic advice and direction
  • Virtual BD Director
  • Data Protection / GDPR
  • eMail Marketing
  • Branding
  • Website development
  • Promotional materials
  • Printing and Signage
  • Virtual Marketing Assistant
  • SEO / Search Engine Optimisation 
  • Social Media