Learn how to get GDPR consent from your database of contacts, manage unsubscribe requests and the right to be forgotten (delete me requests), plus find out the secrets to using GDPR consent to improve your marketing performance

53 easy to follow steps, 29 handy tips, and 12 examples to copy to make your GDPR consent easy and quick


So you've decided you want provable consent from your CRM database or list of contacts for GDPR compliance.

But are you now thinking....

- How can I do it?
- How can I make it quicker?
- How can I make it easier?
- What stumbling blocks will I hit?
- What shortcuts can I do?


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Learn how to get GDPR consent from your database of contacts and the secrets to using it to improve your marketing performance

The guide takes you through the steps you need to get GDPR consent so that you can sleep well at night knowing you are not breaking any laws when sending out marketing communications to your database of contacts.


No special IT skills needed

Each step is easy to follow without much technical knowledge or specialist software. Examples to ‘copy and paste’ are included with each step.


About the GDPR 

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is the new European wide Data Protection law that replaces the current Data Protection Act on 25th May 2018.  It’s unaffected by Brexit and will have a global impact. Coined as a ‘game changer’ by The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the new legislation puts more responsibility and obligations on companies and is designed to protect the rights of individuals, whether clients, staff, or prospective customers.

GDPR non-compliance is not an option, and there will be fines for non-compliance, so it’s a good idea to take action now to avoid penalties later. 

One area of compliance is obtaining proven affirmative consent from your contacts to receive your various different types of marketing communications.  This guide can’t tell you what type of contacts you should get consent from, just how to get consent.  If you need GDPR legal advice, I can introduce you to GDPR lawyers.


How this 'GDPR consent' guide can help you

This guide gives you the tools and knowledge you’ll need to be GDPR-ready with ‘provable consent by your contacts to receive your marketing communications’, as well as being able to use the information you receive from your contacts to actually improve your marketing performance.

Step by step, and easy to follow, this guide shows you:

> how to obtain GDPR consent from contacts (with or without email addresses)

> what actions you need to take when you meet new contacts 

> how to manage the “please unsubscribe or delete me” requests

> how to keep your database of contacts in good condition going forward

> learn the secrets of how to spot easy work opportunities as a result of your GDPR consent project


How to use GDPR consent to improve your CRM and marketing performance

As well as showing you how to obtain GDPR consent, this guide then takes you a step further.  For very little extra effort on your part, it shows you the secrets of how you can improve your overall marketing performance and business results at the same time. 

You will learn, as well as getting opt-in, or consent, you can find out what your contacts are interested in, and what issues they are up against.  You can use this knowledge to service their needs within minutes of the contact updating their details. As an example from my own career as an in-house CRM database manager, we did just this exercise of finding out who wanted to receive information from us, and on what topics.  When we ran a technical event on that topic, we had three times the number of delegates book on than normal.  And we halved the invite list size.  And cut the time it took to send the invite from days to minutes. 

There is no reason why that can’t be one of your success stories in a few months too!


How this guide works

This guide is split into three phases; 1) How to get GDPR consent, 2) Managing unsubscribes and what to do when new contacts are met, and 3) how to capitalise on the GDPR to get better marketing results.

Each ‘Phase’ is split into easy to follow steps to enable you to achieve ‘mini goals’ with the aim to help maintain your commitment to what, for many organisations, can be a large project. You can reach the end of a Phase and then resume your ‘day job’ more easily than you could from a long and complicated instruction manual.

Each Phase contains a summary of what’s covered, steps to follow and a tick-able checklist to allow you to track your progress.  

Where you need to action something, such as “send an email notification to your firm”, the supporting material following each section has example text you can simply copy and ‘top and tail’ as needed.  Most software can copy the text in a PDF document.  If yours can’t, just get in contact with me and I’ll send you the copy text.

Each step is easy to follow without much technical knowledge or specialist software.  Examples to ‘copy and paste’ are included at the end of the guide.


Currently using multiple contact lists?

If you have multiple databases or duplicate versions of your contacts, you could find it a challenge to become fully GDPR compliant in the time required before the deadline. 

If someone asks to unsubscribe or to be deleted from your system, it will inevitably be more complicated and time consuming when you have to action this on all of your multiple lists and databases and versions of contacts.

 If this is an area where you need help, I’d advise you to get in touch with me, as I can help you consolidate multiple lists to ensure you’re positioned to effectively and easily comply with GDPR law in this area. 


100% refund if you use my services 

If you buy this guide and then think “this is a bit too much work, we need help!”  Don’t worry – there’s help available! 

I’ve been doing this kind of thing for 20 years, and I can help you get into a better place quickly and easily.  Let’s have a chat about how I can help you, and should you request my services, I’ll take the price of this guide off my costs. 


Free updates

I hope you find this guide easy to follow. If you have comments about it and tips that will make it better for everyone, please let me know. I’ll then tweak this guide and give you the updated version for free.


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About the Author, Simon McNidder 

I am an independent CRM Database Consultant.  My company, Database First Aid, offers organisations proven advice (or assistance) on setting up or improving your CRM & marketing data, databases, and eMailshots.  I’ve spent over 20 years using, managing and implementing CRM databases, mostly in Law and Accounting firms, including 15 years at Pinsent Masons as their CRM Database Manager (where I won not one, but two national CRM industry awards).  I can help find you more clients and increase revenues simply through using your current data more effectively. 

Please note that I am not a GDPR lawyer.  If you need specific GDPR legal advice, I can introduce you to great experts.  This guide is not giving you legal advice, but I’ve got 20 years using CRM databases, and in that, I’m an expert.

If you need help combining all your lists or duplicate contacts, finding and implementing the right CRM database for your unique situation, or ways to improve take-up of your current CRM system, please get in contact; I can solve this headache for you.

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