Data Protection, the GDPR and your CRM database

Do you know if you will comply when the rules change?

Do you know if you are complying now?

How would you know?

And do you know if you should be?

Well, do you hold personal data?

If yes, then yes.


But what actually is personal data? 

Bank Account balance & inside leg measurement? 


It’s information that can identify the person in a database.

Store information in Outlook?  That’s a database.

Store information in MS Excel?  That’s a database.

Store information in MS Word?  That’s a database.


When do you need to comply with the data Protection & GDPR changes?

On hour 1 of day one.  Much like when you are driving down a country road and the speed limit changes as you come to a village – you need to have cut your speed BEFORE you reach the signpost, not slow down from 60mph after it.  Data Protection compliance is much the same. You could face a fine on hour 1 of day 1.


When is the Data Protection / GDPR law getting stricter?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is replacing the EU Data Protection Directive (which the Data Protection Act 1988 in the UK is based on) and will apply to any organisation holding or using personal data. 


What will the Data Protection / GDPR fines be?

The fine for not complying could be 4% or your total turnover, or 20 million Euros.


Will they choose you to investigate?

Reckon you won’t get picked because you are in professional service /  manufacturing / Retail / Housing Association etc etc etc?  

What if a civil servant simply puts a ‘pin in a directory’ to find an organisation to look into? 


How to comply with the GDPR?

It need not give you a massive headache to get your CRM activity and Marketing database to comply. 

But I’m no Data Protection guru (I only sort out your database activity and data).

But I know someone who is a Data Protection guru !  And more than happy to connect you


Hope this helps,