Frequently Asked Questions


How long have you been involved in CRM?

I've spent over 20 years using, managing and implementing CRM systems in-house. 18 of those years has been in professional services. PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) and 15 years at Pinsent Mason.

What will a good CRM strategy do for me?

In a nutshell, a CRM startegy, CRM database and enhanced data will make your Marketing and targeting far more effective. And your your users will be making much more efficient use of their time.

Is it only CRM you can help with?  I need PR advice

Yep, I only do CRM and all the bits around it.  I usually know someone who can help if it's not me you need. For instance, I don't sell mailing lists, but know organisations who will sell you data (careful with the data protection act though). I can't do PR, but again, can point you to the person that can. Etc. For a list of trusted business, go here

What is the best CRM system for me?

The best system is one that matches your needs. There are 1,000's.  Which one(s) is/are right for you depend on a number of factors. Run events all day every day?  Do a lot of tele-marketing?  Only have a few core clients you want to manage closely?  All you want to do is send loads of emails out?  Each requirement needs a different system.

What are the key aspects of successful CRM?

It's all about people generally.  You need people to be on board and have the right data in your system. Plus the processes to keep it right and use the knowledge in your system.  The IT system needs to be right of course, but don't think it'll be your savour.

How much does a CRM system cost?

Again, that depends on your size of firm. If you have 3 users, 30 users, 300, 3,000 or 30,000 users, your system choice and how you pay for it becomes more key.  Most systems these days get you to subscribe by user per month.  OK if you have 3 users, a bit less sensible if you have 300.  There are different routes to buying your system.

What is the key barrier to CRM success?

Your data.  It is always overlooked and undervalued. And it always takes longer to sort out than you expect.

Which market sectors do you give CRM advice to?

I've spent 18 of my 20 years in-house (using, managing and implementing CRM) in professional services.  Many organisations have exactly the same issues to solve that law and accounting firms (who had a lot of headcount - so any CRM database issues are quickly magnified). So, I'm not going to sit at the other end of the phone when you ask for help pulling your marketing lists together and say "no because you are not a law firm".
Saying that, you probably won't need my servcies if you aren't a mature organisation or growth orientated.  You just won't have got yourself into a pickle over the years or are happy with your status quo.

Can you help with GDPR compliance?

I can help you get your CRM database and data into shape for the GDPR, but I am not a GDPR trained professional.  I can introduce you to people who are though. The changes coming in are massive.  And Brexit isn’t going to change anything. 

Why is using Database First Aid better than me simply doing it all myself?

Firstly, you don’t have to do it. You'll have more time to keep doing your day job and with 20 years hindsight, I'll know what bottleneck is about to hit and can prep for it. Which in the end makes it far quicker and cheaper than doing it yourself when you consider your opportunity cost.
Saying that, if you only have a few hundred contacts, it'll be best just to do it yourself.  Any more than that, you've delayed it for a reason!  I've some super whizzy software that sorts much of it out.  

What sort of projects have you done before?

  1. Plan your CRM project
  2. Find & implement a CRM software 
  3. Increase usage and take-up of your CRM solution
  4. Combine all your data so you can start CRM or email marketing

What sort of daily CRM assistance can you give me?

  • Setup and sending of your email marketing campaigns
  • Monitoring the data quality on your contacts
  • Running activity reports of your users or contacts in your CRM system
  • Retainer style - 1, 2, 5 & 10 hours per month (that you can use for anything you need help with)