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Some of the CRM related tasks I can do for you

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Are you just starting out with your CRM journey and unsure what it all entails?

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GDPR consent.  Learn how to get and prove consent or opt-in with your current CRM database of contacts, what do to with newly met contacts and what to do going forward in the years to come

Are you worried about the GDPR and how it might affect your activities with your CRM database?

You should be, as even the ICO say it is a 'game changer' compared to the current Data Protection Act.  

There are issues if you have lists all over the place, duplicated contacts and no provable method of capturing you can keep contacting prospects. I, or my guide can take you through all the steps you need to do.

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Are you fed up with your current CRM or Marketing database?

Are you in the awful situation of having bought an expensive system which your users don't like, won't use, or use badly?

Are you fed up with all the duplicate contacts in it too?  

It's all fixable, without having to buy another system.  So if you'd like to get your investment back on your CRM, contact me here


Do you want to implement a CRM database? But not sure which one is right? Or unsure about how much they can cost you?

Finding the right CRM database is tricky.  

There are 1,000's to look through. But hearts & Minds is the key to your success. People, procedures and the data are where the value is added. 

Saying that, you do of course need the right CRM database.  Run Events?  Do tele-marketing?  Want to send loads of emails?  Only have a few contacts and organisations to closely manage?  They all need a different database systems.

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Fed up with duplicate contacts all over your CRM database?

One of the biggest issues with a CRM database is the number of duplicate contacts in it.

Nobody pays data much attention.

Until it's too late and you want to use the data, and then it ends up useless.  Or worse - looks right and proves to be wrong so you've made a wrong decision based on it.

I'll help you sort out your data, whether it's all over your firm, or a complete state within one system.


Don't have the time to send your own emails?  

There is nothing worse than wanting to promote an event you are hosting, or to communicate with all your clients and customers, only to have the mailing list take days or weeks to pull together?  
If you'd like help sending your emails, find out more here.


Does it take you ages to create a mailing list?

Image being able to pull a mailing list together in 10 minutes rather than hours, days or weeks. If you can pull it together at all. That's where I can help you out, so you never have to go through that ever again. And if you are moving to a CRM database, you don't have a chance of success without all your data being in one list

If you'd like help pulling all your list together, I can solve that headache too!


Going through a merger? Just want to combine databases and lists? How can you manage unsubscribe requests with multiple lists? A GDPR compliance issue?

Never mind the hassle of having lists all over the place.

What happens when a contact requests 'no more communications'.  

If you have that contact in multiple lists, you will only have unsubscribed them from one list.  

If you have four (or forty) other lists, there are many more chances to keep communicating with that person.  Surely a complaint waiting to happen under GDPR rules!

Find out how your headache can be solved here


Just bought a CRM database?  But struggling to get your data into a fit shape and into it?

There is nothing worse than paying for a wonderful new CRM system, only to find you have to sort out all your data from all over your organisation.  

Nothing is in the same format, never mind the duplications between the lists.  

This taints your investment in your system. It could even delay your launch - so you are paying for a system and not even able to use it. 

Find out how your headache can be solved here....


Never mind implementation and one-off data projects, do you do help on an ongoing basis? 

Yes, I am more than happy to arrange something at your offices or remotely on a more regular basis.

Maybe you need to be able to start email marketing and want something setup for you to carry on.

Of you don't have the resources to regularly send out your monthly newsletter and need a helping hand. Or do you have mailing lists you simply want to match against each other before you send your emails or letters? These jobs are far to small a job to recruit someone, but big enough to stop someone else in your team doing their own job well.

Maybe you want some help with all parts of your CRM until you get staff up-to-speed, or maybe just   want someone on the other end of the phone to ask questions, bounce ideas off, or just to act as sounding board.


Want to start sending emails, but don't have the time? 

Nobody can do everything.

You know you are missing out on potential leads and opportunities by not keeping in touch with your clients, customers, prospects and introducers.

If only you had...

  • The time to send your emails
  • The inclination to put together all the text
  • The time to learn email software
  • One single list of contacts rather than lists all over the place

Well, that's another CRM database headache I can solve for you. To get your emails sent for you, go here