Email marketing for Accountants

Helping you communicate with your clients, prospects & introducers

Have you found yourself saying things like: 

“We need to get started with email marketing, but how”
“All our competitors are email marketing, should we?"
“Is CRM or email marketing right for us?”
“But our data is all over the place”
eMail marketing could annoy your best clients and contacts.  
Or please them no end.
CRM and email marketing can be very confusing.
Or it can be very easy. 
Taking an age to finish can be easy to fall into.  
Or it can be quick and easily implemented.

You’ll be pleased to hear that all these email marketing headaches are easily solvable and will make you wish you'd done it all much earlier.


Learn how Accountants can
easily start email marketing
that gets great results


Over 200 tips based on 18 years of managing
CRM databases and email marketing
campaigns in professional services


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